Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I had a really lovely lunch today. It was at Capital M and Oh. My. God. Those were THE BEST deserts I have EVER tasted. I wish you guys could get over here and come and have some with me. The souffle... oh wow. The cups we had our coffees in... the decor... seriously wow and Hell Yes! Funnily enough before we knew that we were moving to Beijing and waaaaaaay before the restaurant even opened, MrC and I saw a write-up in the SMH about this restaurant and said to each other "We WILL be going there". 2.5 years later... YUMMO!

The menu was this:
Fluffy Feta Fritters on green olive paste with a warm salad of red tomatoes, green tomatoes and black olives
A saute of wild Yunnan Mushrooms served piled onto crispy polenta
Grilled Halibut with fresh asparagus, little potatoes, sauteed mushrooms & a fennel cream sauce
Chicken Saltimbocca with sage, Prosciutto and Risotto Milanese (I had the chicken)

Desserts to Share
M's Grand Dessert

Including one glass of house wine

The Authors were:
Alice Pung, who read from and discussed her memoire Unpolished Gem and Alexis Wright, who read from and discussed her novel, Carpentaria.

Both were very different styles and both books appeal to me, so now I have to figure out how I can lay my hands on some copies. Perhaps my curiosity will just have to wait until we come home in May for a quick visit.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chun jie kuai le!

So having just bitched about how I'm feeling about being here, now comes that part of the year that is just magic - Spring Festival.

The girls and I were just at a friends' place watching fireworks, eating and enjoying everyone's company. It was quite lovely to feel a part of the Australian community again, which I have been missing out on due to my err.. lack of drinking and err... not eating soft cheeses... those who are with me on this, are with me on this. I made stuffed bread (anyone remember that?) and some biscotti and when I brought the bread out, I seemed to flabbergast people who couldn't believe I'd actually made it myself. Quite satisfying, really. And the biscotti is such a wonderfully simple recipe, yet again, astounded people that it was home made. But I digress.

My friend has to have one of the best views in our locality that I think I've seen. So we were in prime possie for the fireworks, which at this time of night (9pmish) are really only just an entree for the big bangs at midnight. Needless to say, the guys took their crackers and their beers and set a few off, for us all to behold, what a hoot!

And it's just brilliant. Just about every street corner has crackers going off and as far as the eye can see, there's more, off in the distance. Reflections off glass buildings and windows are almost prettier than the real thing. So I don't think I'll be getting much sleep tonight. I'll either be awake with the random bangs, or glued to my window. But what the hell, huh? I mean, this is Chinese New Year in Beijing and I'm really priviledged to be here for it, it's one of those snapshots of my life I certainly will cherish.

Just wish the bloke was here right now to snuggle up to at the window...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Really, I'm fine, thanks for asking...

I don't know if can do another winter up here. It is just awful. Long and very, very cold.
I miss my bloke.
I am really lonely and I miss my friends.
I miss really good food and company.
I would really, really like some bright, warm, sunny days. I know that'll make me feel better.
And some sleep would be nice too please. Uninterrupted. Just one night. Please.
Some certainty would also go a really long way.
As would some Passiona. God, give me Passiona.
...or some Terry's Chocolate Orange.
...or some Blackcurrant Pastilles.
...or a plane ticket home.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We made it back to Aus safe and sound.
Went to the wedding, which was a bloody massive effort, I must say, but was good to see people and H&A happy.
Currently, we're in Wagga Wagga with no internet access, so that's why my online presence is diminished somewhat.

We are heading back to Sydney next Friday and will be there for a couple of weeks, Mr C will be joining us.

About to run out of credit.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sorry. It's been an awfully long time since I have posted anywhere. Been a bit distracted with the Adventures of LadyP and The Bundle Of Cute.

So here is the conversation I had with The Bundle Of Cute this morning (who is 4 months old now):

I just didn't have the heart to caption these, but it was such a wonderful chat we were having and quite the chicken soup for my soul that was needed.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today was full of WIN!

Checked my mailbox this morning and there was actually mail in it! I know, it's a shocking thought, when do I ever get mail from anybody except from my Mum? So exciting, turned out to be a whole heap of bills and stuff from Ma In Law and a very lovely Alice In Wonderland & Dodo pendant with a birthday card from Delvino and her boys. What a great way to start the day!

Then I found a new Jenny Lou's over in Sanlitun. Jenny Lou's is an expensive supermarket full of western stuff that one might crave such as double coated Tim-Tams and Brown Brothers Moscato. Also found a fabulous deli where I bought some Roquefort cheese and some Maggie Beers Cabernet Paste! Nom nom nom!

Mei-Mei's been full of smiles lately and they are just the most heartwarming and delicious thing in the world. We had a cuddle in bed this morning, just me and her without Jie-Jie jumping on us. It was so nice.

We had some rain.

There were other Aussies at Jenny Lou's. So nice to hear the accent!

We are having some friends over for dinner on Saturday night.

My Yoga instuctor picked up that I had overpaid and is allowing me to book in for other classes if I want.

Jie-Jie and I did some painting.

I am enjoying my Warcrack character again.

Simply put, it's all good...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aaaand I'm back.

We have had no internet for a few days. Got it all sorted this morning and in good time, too, what with the needing to escape the media circus taking place on TV in relation to Whacko Jacko's death (oh and Farrah Fawcett, just in case nobody noticed).

So what have I been up to?

Mr C's mum, dad and grandmother stayed with us for a few weeks. I got to play tour guide and we saw some sites - 798 Art district, Lama Temple, flower, pearl, antiques markets, Peking Acrobats, all sorts of stuff. It was fun, though tiring. They have gone back to Oz now and the place is very quiet...

  • Got me some new specs. They're red (nothing new, really).
  • Went to a baking class and learned to make decent lemon meringue pie. My first attempt had the lemon filling unsettled and runny, but all the flavours were there. Guess I just have to perfect it now. Poor Mr C...
  • Organised a walking group to start up next week. There are some cards you can buy with walks around Beijing on them. I figured it would be a good way to see the place, meet some people and maybe get some exercise...
  • Organised a craft day. I think the aim is to make stuff we can donate to charity, so like scarves and blankets. Should be fun...
  • Booked Jie-Jie and myself into Yoga classes starting next Friday. Not sure if Pers will co-operate, but she might surprise me.
  • Met one of the mums from Pers' kindy and we'll be setting up playdates and stuff for the girls.
  • Went on the expatmamma night out last night. First night off in a very long time. Had loads of laughs, met some lovely women and I think I've found a niche to replace the SCA gap in my life.

    Looking ahead:
  • My Di-di (little brother) is visiting next month, with his chicky, for a couple of weeks.
  • I am about to book in for some cooking classes. I am a crap cook and it's about time that changed. I'm going to learn how to cook some of the regional cuisine, just for kicks.
  • We are coming home to Oz for a couple of months at the beginning of October. Will be spending a couple of weeks in Sydney before heading out to Orange and then to Adelaide. I'll teach y'all how to make hand-pulled noodles, k? As was the case last time, I won't have wheels. Come on out to Orange, get some fresh air into those lungs!