Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I had a really lovely lunch today. It was at Capital M and Oh. My. God. Those were THE BEST deserts I have EVER tasted. I wish you guys could get over here and come and have some with me. The souffle... oh wow. The cups we had our coffees in... the decor... seriously wow and Hell Yes! Funnily enough before we knew that we were moving to Beijing and waaaaaaay before the restaurant even opened, MrC and I saw a write-up in the SMH about this restaurant and said to each other "We WILL be going there". 2.5 years later... YUMMO!

The menu was this:
Fluffy Feta Fritters on green olive paste with a warm salad of red tomatoes, green tomatoes and black olives
A saute of wild Yunnan Mushrooms served piled onto crispy polenta
Grilled Halibut with fresh asparagus, little potatoes, sauteed mushrooms & a fennel cream sauce
Chicken Saltimbocca with sage, Prosciutto and Risotto Milanese (I had the chicken)

Desserts to Share
M's Grand Dessert

Including one glass of house wine

The Authors were:
Alice Pung, who read from and discussed her memoire Unpolished Gem and Alexis Wright, who read from and discussed her novel, Carpentaria.

Both were very different styles and both books appeal to me, so now I have to figure out how I can lay my hands on some copies. Perhaps my curiosity will just have to wait until we come home in May for a quick visit.