Sunday, April 19, 2009

There is no place like home...

If only I could just click my heels together three times and return to Oz.

Strangely, I have been feeling a little homesick again lately and it dosen't quite make sense. All these really cool things have been happening back home... Rowany Festival, which sounds (and looks) like it was lovely this year, the Laurellings of two people who I love and admire and are friends of mine - Ms Bethan and Ms Hunydd. The Court Barony for Mr. Fzit, the wedding of MegnSnerg, The Dinghy's 3rd birthday. We weren't there for any of it and that's a total bummer.

Don't get me wrong, I am not begrudging my mates good times just because we're not there, but my heart aches to join in, to give hugs and celebrate and be there for people who have been there and done those things for us.

Plus I'd kind of like to be home at the moment with Timeling expected any day now (God, let it be today!). I need my friends and family and they're not here. Feeling kinda ronery.

Ah well, rock on October, hey?

Not much really happening here, Mr C made strawberry jam yesterday. We figured we should make the most of the beautiful strawberries while they are still in season. Honestly people, you have never tasted anything like the strawberries here, they are an experience on their own!

Spring is here, the weather is warmer and the trees are green again. There is what I call 'fairy fluff' floating in the air. You could swear on first glance that it's snowing. Then your sinuses kick in... Still, it's nice to see all the kids in the playground again and also nice to not be wearing several layers of clothing. Spring happens so fast here, you don't seem to have a build up to it, it's just suddenly green oh and pink and red. You should see all the blossoms!

And yes, then there's Timeling, of which we can confirm that there is definately only one, waiting to hatch. Saturday is our due date and at last check (Thursday just gone) it wasn't looking like it was going to happen anytime soon. If I am not progressing any further this Thursday, we will talk about our options. It is quite possible that another c-section will be in order and actually, I am quite ok with that (and yes, I do know what it means).

So today, I think I will head off for another swim and make some ANZAC biscuits and probably sleep, sleep like the wind...


  1. Well, I'm here with all that adventure, and I wish you were too. Not that the peeps here aren't nice, butit's not a full compliment.
    And I'm itching to come over and do your washing up, or cook you dinner, or iron something for you while you convalese! I do wish I could be more helpful!
    Good luck this week!

  2. Thanks, Baggy... news soon hopefully!

  3. Take care Finn - looking forward to hearing news about Timeling too!

  4. Thanks Katrijn, I did get your email, thankyou so much for that. Had a false alarm last night, but really... any day now!!!