Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today was full of WIN!

Checked my mailbox this morning and there was actually mail in it! I know, it's a shocking thought, when do I ever get mail from anybody except from my Mum? So exciting, turned out to be a whole heap of bills and stuff from Ma In Law and a very lovely Alice In Wonderland & Dodo pendant with a birthday card from Delvino and her boys. What a great way to start the day!

Then I found a new Jenny Lou's over in Sanlitun. Jenny Lou's is an expensive supermarket full of western stuff that one might crave such as double coated Tim-Tams and Brown Brothers Moscato. Also found a fabulous deli where I bought some Roquefort cheese and some Maggie Beers Cabernet Paste! Nom nom nom!

Mei-Mei's been full of smiles lately and they are just the most heartwarming and delicious thing in the world. We had a cuddle in bed this morning, just me and her without Jie-Jie jumping on us. It was so nice.

We had some rain.

There were other Aussies at Jenny Lou's. So nice to hear the accent!

We are having some friends over for dinner on Saturday night.

My Yoga instuctor picked up that I had overpaid and is allowing me to book in for other classes if I want.

Jie-Jie and I did some painting.

I am enjoying my Warcrack character again.

Simply put, it's all good...