Thursday, February 11, 2010

Really, I'm fine, thanks for asking...

I don't know if can do another winter up here. It is just awful. Long and very, very cold.
I miss my bloke.
I am really lonely and I miss my friends.
I miss really good food and company.
I would really, really like some bright, warm, sunny days. I know that'll make me feel better.
And some sleep would be nice too please. Uninterrupted. Just one night. Please.
Some certainty would also go a really long way.
As would some Passiona. God, give me Passiona.
...or some Terry's Chocolate Orange.
...or some Blackcurrant Pastilles.
...or a plane ticket home.


  1. :Hugs: We miss you too!
    What's your postal address over there?

  2. Thanks... just a bit of a misery guts at the moment with Mr C away.

    I'll send you my address in Facebook if that's ok.

  3. Facebook is grand - or email if that's easier also.

    I have the occasional down day missing people just from being here, so I can only imagine what it must be like to be stuck in the cold of a Beijing winter! Your girls are lovely, but missing Mr C is completely understandable.

  4. Yeah, it's weird. I'm lonely, but I'm definately not alone. We were teased the week before last with slight hints of warmer weather, but it was all lies.

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