Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Lord, it's more than just a little bit nippy out there today! I'm telling you, that weather doovy in my sidebar is a liar.

So popped out with Misses S, R & R to Muxiuan (or however the hell it's spelt) to the fabric markets this morning. I want a pair of corduroy pants made for me, so and found some quite funky stripey stuff. Also found some lovely red corduroy to have a jacket made for when I want something a little funky.

Not only is it freezing bloody cold here at the moment, it is also very dry with humidity at something like 14%. Definately not what I had become accustomed to back in home. So not only is my belly stretching, it is also dry and rather itchy. Driving me nuts, frankly. Something to be said for moisturising! At any rate, my hair is as flat as a run-over cat and my lips and sinuses hate me. We will be purchasing an humidifying contraption tomorrow!

And for dinner tonight, I am thinking beef & Guinness casserole and golden syrup dumpings for dessert. There is no way I want to venture out into the cold this evening!


  1. Hmmm. Sounds very yummy.... Have some for me.

  2. I did! It was very tasty, thankyou!