Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a blast!

The money we spent on the fireworks that went up in smoke, was money well spent. The compound we live in set up an area so people could come along and let their crackers off, but there were people in the streets around us as well.

Last Sunset of the Year of the Rat

It was just fantastic! We went over to a friend of ours for a bit of a do. They live in the block of appartments next to us in our compound and have an alternate and very lovely view of Beijing. Everywhere we rested our eyes, there were fireworks. So it's not like Sydney, where you have a main show in a designated spot, more like what firecracker night used to be like.

The Bloke lights one up

A couple of us at the party had bought some fireworks, so we headed downstairs at around 9pm to let off our crackers. First cab off the rank was the massive tube we bought, which had the guys running for cover after it was lit and Mr C diving into some bushes (we were too busy watching the display to spot him, much to his disappointment). So we let all of ours off and were satisfied, until one chap brought out this massive, suitcase sized box, which was lit and certainly no disappointment!

We lit up the compound!

We ended up leaving the party early as I am still unwell and Miss P hadn't yet exploded (we figured we would leave with our dignity still intact). We watched some remaining fireworks for a while and then suddenly, the place just went nuts! There were fireworks of every description absolutely everywhere! Yep, it was midnight! We could see everything from street level, to immediately outside our window, down the road a bit and out onto the horizon. Well... at least, we could see everything until the sky filled with smoke. It was an electric intensity I cannot even begin to describe, just incredible. Nope. I really can't describe it and unfortunately, the video footage I took dosen't seem to want to upload to anything...

Big Badda Boom!

We don't expect to be getting much sleep over the week. Fireworks have already been going off since the beginning of last week. It's a 24/7 thing and they're pretty random. Can make things a bit interesting when you're walking down the street and I am fully beginning to appreciate what shell shock must feel like!

But at any rate, next year, party at our place. Get yourselves up here, this is something you really have to see at least once in your lifetime!

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