Monday, February 9, 2009

Again with the boom-boom!

So, last night while the soon-to-be-opened Mandarin Oriental Hotel (right next door to the CCTV building) burned, we enjoyed (very much) some fireworks!

Just wanted to show you this picture so you can see that we are above the fireworks, looking down onto the road below.

Pers didn't really sleep through these ones. 500,000RMB worth of crackers is enough to keep a little girl awake...

But hey, it was worth it!


  1. That shot looking down on the firework below you is fabulous.

    The SMH is now reporting that the hotel fire was caused by _their_ fireworks:

  2. Thanks, fireworks from a slightly different perspective than looking up...

    Yep... when Chinese New Year goes horribly wrong... there's all sorts of finger pointing, cover ups and conspiracy theories happening at the mo... I hate to say it (because it is quite tragic, really), but it's kind of amusing in some ways...