Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Must admit though, I did get a little distracted from my subject of bicycles... just once or twice... (hell, I was somewhere I hadn't been before and there was all this other stuff going on)... so... some more of my non-peddled shots from today...

One of the guys had mops as his subject. We kept trying to name all the mops after famous rock musicians. This trio of mops were 'The Pointer Sisters'

I felt sorry for the broom, however and ended up with 'Cinderella & her three ugly sisters'

There were lots of hole in the wall shops selling chuan'r (street food), this one looked particularly inviting.

The little fella was after what looked like some marshmallows that were toasting. Can't say I blame him!

It's almost off my subject... but look closely!

There is even a bicycle behind me, tricky little tricksters! (And you can see what I mean here by needing to tweak my framing a little)

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  1. You're getting some awesome shots from your new camera. I think I want one. My little thing is crappy. Then again, where do I take photos? On paddling adventures, where it's shoved into a ziplock bag when I'm not using it, and stuck in na pocket of my floaty vest. Or parties, where it's shoved down my top. Who am I kidding.

    Still green with envy.