Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bugger! Here we go again...

I should have suspected something on Tuesday when Ayi threw a sickie and then the subsequent days when she was coughing lamely.

Yep. She quit.

First there was the face-saving attempt at an explanation (which is what we in the West call "A LIE"), which was brought to our attention at 7.30pm this evening via Mr C's work colleague: "She has to go home to Anhui for more than a month".

We would have believed it if we hadn't heard it a couple of times before. So we asked colleague to call ayi back and probe a little deeper: "She has a better opportunity"

Yeah, more likely: Our ayi got poached. But then, I'm a cynic.

She is bringing a friend with her tomorrow who speaks some english to replace her, which is lovely and boy, would be great if it works out... but we shall see...

Timing's a bit poo, but then I guess it could be worse...

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