Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last week on Wenchiland...

We must be acclimatising, it took us about 48 to sort out a new ayi. I interviewed 5 chinese ladies and ended up settling on Zhou ayi, who could start pretty much immediately. She's tiny! Pers is just over half her height! I had a lot of help from Xiao Chen (Miss Chen), who is Mr C's work colleague and probably the loveliest chinese person I will ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Here is a picture of Xiao Chen and what went down after the interviewing process. I get the feeling Pers would much prefer her to be our ayi...

Naturally, this all resulted in collapsing on our lounge (which thankfully survived the ordeal) in fits of giggles and a big, cuddly pile.

So Zhou ayi started on Thursday and it all seems to be ok so far, but she talks to me much more than the last ayi did (which was hardly at all), so I am really going to have to do something about my language skillz, which are far from wicked. Zhou ayi noticed my Bridge School book from my mandarin classes and said she will help me. Awesome! It's probably about time I got my A into G and improved anyway!


  1. Huge sofa.

    Cool that the child wrangling stuff is sorting itself out.

    Just in time for the new baby wrangling challenge.

  2. Yeah, but now we have the whole settling in period where I have to figure out if Pers & this ayi are a good match. If they're not, we try someone else. And because she also helps out with the housework, I have to try to explain everything to her, which is more difficult than one would expect when neither understands the other...

    I must sound like a toffee-nosed expat woman, shame on me.